Welcome from our new summer intern, Destiny Whitaker

Hello, welcome to my first blog entry as an intern for Crushing Colonialism. I hope you enjoy this post as much as I've enjoyed my internship thus far. I'd like to begin how this is both an educational and affirming experience.

This week, my work includes compiling content made by Indigenous creators and researching general information regarding our roots and culture. As a person of Native American (Free People Of Color) descent, I am aware of just how much many people are unaware that we exist beyond their limited knowledge of us. Our culture extends beyond what is told in our doctored history syllabuses and the inaccurate or down right bigoted representation in mainstream media. It's the absolute best to have an "excuse" to compile and discuss this information to reference for quite some time afterwards.

I've also been able to begin sharpening and refining the skills I've had in my toolbox, such as graphic design, content curation and editing. All of which are invaluable skills to learn and actively use. It is amazing to be able to utilize these skills, receive constructive criticism, and another person's point of view which helps me excel at my work.

As a person who is a perfectionist and suffers from performance based procrastination it is a welcomed challenge to face a deadline. To do so and then stick with the task at hand regardless of whether they’re unknown or how daunting it may seem is something I must learn to do in every sector of life.

I end this post by ticking one more box off my to do list while expressing my gratitude and excitement for what I shall do and learn during this summer internship. Until next time!

Destiny Whitaker

Jen Deerinwater